Deco Art

AnZu Creations

AnZu Creations are international artists with a variety of experience.
They have worked together for more than a decade on different projects all over the world, specializing in the areas of Event/Stage Decoration, Performing Arts, Music, Concept Design, Graphic Design, Workshops and much more.

The AnZu-Team created the decoration concept for the main dancefloor at the FLOW-Festival for the last two years and the new 2014 website.
This year they are expanding the concept for a special & larger FLOW-Experience.
They integrate projections and lighting into their decoration and use painted Projection Screens, Fluorescent Backdrops, Painted Lycra & Woodcut installations.

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Leon Martin Design

Mae & Moa

Mae & Moa started decorating in 1991.
They have been one of the first to introduce UV decoration and developed unique themed atmosphere’s to Trance party’s and Festivals.
Mae & Moa have been decorating at some of the biggest and famous Festivals all over the globe.
For the last 10 years they was working with Phoenix Firedancers where they have gained technical knowledge and experience.
Mostly famous for there massive and long UV backdrops Mae&Moa are focusing now on big lycra and LED installations.

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